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“Orbit” is a short film inspired by Timothy Charles Anderson’s poems. This film is composed from different styles of images such as animation, still photographs, regular color images and black and white images to reveal a theme, orbit, going back to where it started, which is an assignment for today’s world’s human being in already overwhelmed world, as well as film genres.


"Axe, Disease and Fire"script ongoing third draft 3/16
"Axe, Disease and Fire" script is being written.3/5/2010
Ronny Hauled Shoot completed on 5/10th!! 

"Ronny Hauled "Shoot in Harajyuku on 5/9 and 5/10th

"Orbit" was picked up for a All About Japan.com e-mail magazine for the best movies to watch (All About Japan,3/22) 
本作品がAll About 「名作映画」ガイドメールマガジンで取り上げられました。(3/22)
2/7 Completed episode "Shibuya" Shooting
12/25/08 Shot a long shot of Shibuya scrumble crossing with Aoi on big screens on christmas night. Aoi had a mini live concert in Apple store of Shibuya and it was aired on big TV screens in shibuya and was aired on TV the following day!!
11/30/08 Shot titile animation with animatior Fumiko. アニメーターの富美子さんとタイトル部実写アニメーションの撮影

A Shunsuke Teshima Film
Based On
Timothy Chales Anderson's Poems
Timothy Charles Anderson --A Poet (Voice over)
Meg Yoshikawa               --A girl
Takashi Kawasaki              --Ronny
Aoi  Teshima(UnCredited)  --Girl A  
Myong Joo                     --Meg's Boy Friend, Ken
Jyuzou Kakei                  --Pawn Shop Owner
Jennie                            --Elizabeth
Sakura                           --Carrey
PG             --Customer A
Kunihiko Watanabe           --Customer B 
Director of Photography       -- Yuu Yasu
Cinematography                   ---- Yuu Yasu
Editor                                   --- Brad McLean 
Stop Motion Clay Animator      ---Fumiko Miyamoto
Location Manager                  ---
Sound                                  --- (Negotiating)
Digital Effect                         --- Brad Mclean
Gaffer                                  ---
Writer                                  --- Shunsuke Teshima 
Crafts Services               ---
Music Composer                  --- Jòn Georgsson
Hair&Make-up                      --- Sayako Oku
Property Master                   ---Mr. Okada
Production Assistant            --- Towa Takase
                                          ---Daitoku Kawamura
Director/Producer                --Shunsuke Teshima
1st Assistant Director         ---Mai Kemuyama
Assistant Producer           ----Wakako Motoki
Exsecutive Producer         ----Timothy Charles Anderson

Orbit Poster

A short film based on Timothy Charles Anderson's poems.<


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